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We Create a Unique Customer Experience for Your Business

We support Calgary startups and small-business community of Alberta.

What does your agency do; and why should I chose StartiT?

aWe help startups, small and home-based businesses to start up fast, and start up strong. We design and develop a full front end online presence for them. We help them market their services and products online and reach out to their customers. We boost their revenue.

We are unique in what we do, because our development team has startup and business experience. We provide business consulting and help model your business idea. Then we design and develop a unique online experience keeping your business model in mind.

Please see our range of services here.

How much do your services cost and how long does it takes to complete a project?

aCost: One size does not fit all, so we are flexible and ready to sit with you, learn about your vision and customize a solution for your business idea. See our pricing table for more information.


Timing: When we have a better understanding about your project then we will develop a quote so you could see the cost and the timelines of the project. Depending on the complexities and features that you wish to have in your website/App, completion of your project may take few weeks to few month (e.g. custom made Apps).

What are steps to build a website for my business?

a1. We meet up for a free business consultation; we learn about your vision; we send you a quotation,
2. You register a domain name for your business (ask us for hints!); you direct your DNS to our hosting accounts; we send you templates to fill in information and content,
3. You send us logo, images, and the content; we sketch couple of designs and upload so you could review and provide your feedback; also we run analytics to assess how best optimize the content for local SEO so your ranking on Google and other search engines are improved,
4. We progress the work until the project is completed and you are fully satisfied of the look, flow and functionality of your website,
5. We keep monitoring the site for few weeks to rectify any bugs; also we provide support and training to make sure you can add/update the content, post articles, manage inquiries and so on.

Tell me more about local SEO and digital marketing?

aWith the blast of Internet and social media, your customers are more and more turning to digital space looking for what they need. So you need to market your goods and services there too, simple, huh?

The outcome of our digital marketing is to:

a. make sure that your brand is ready to go online,
b. be more visible to your potential customers,
c. make a unique and memorable customer experience when they see you online,
d. stay in touch with your customer (repeat sales).

Where are your offices?

aWe will not leave your project to offshore providers. Most of the work on your project will be done in our office in Calgary, Alberta.


Please contact us if any inquiries.

Where can I see your work?

aOur work is presented right on the landing page of StartiT site.

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