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Web solutions for your startup

Web Solutions

You have a business idea and need to develop a digital platform. This is an important piece of your business plan because like most of the startups and small businesses, your website and your mobile App together are your business front page. You want your visitors to receive an impressive first impression and have a unique experience.


We make that happen. Our websites are designed with our clients’ business model in mind. We design and develop slick, easy to navigate, authentic, search engine optimized and mobile ready websites.

Business Consulting & Marketing Strategy

Behind any successful startup there is a savvy entrepreneur and a business plan. Our advise is to research, plan, and execute. The competition is fierce, and there are many pitfalls.


Learn the industry that you wish to startup your business in. Learn your competitors, their business model, how they market and secure new deals. We provide business consulting when/if needed and act as your business advisor. Read more here.


Download our free StartiT Kick-Starter Business Plan here.


Digital Marketing and Local SEO

With the blast of Internet and social media, your customers are more and more turning to digital space looking for what they need. So you need to market your goods and services there too, simple, huh?

We help you:

a. make sure that your brand is ready to go online,
b. be more visible to your potential customers in digital space,
c. make a unique and memorable customer experience when they see you online,
d. stay in touch with your customer (repeat sales).